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New details about the Corvette SUV EV and additional concept photos!


Some news has come out regarding the Corvette SUV. Apparently the first year we would likely see the new vehicle would be in 2027... this is the first time I've heard a year said with any type of confidence. Secondly, they let us know that it will be built in a new platform, not a platform shared with any other vehicle.

They also suggest that the EV will be a three motor affair. One motor up front and 2 to drive the rear wheels, giving it performance superior to the Z06. There are some other tidbits at the Motor Biscuit article which you can view here: 2027 Corvette SUV: New Details Emerge

Also attached are additional concept images that you may or may not have seen previously.

Screenshot-2023-07-14-at-11.56.18-am.jpg Screenshot-2023-07-14-at-11.55.25-am.jpg Screenshot-2023-07-14-at-11.49.40-am.jpg